MINImax Tinyverse – Steam Beta Announced

Monday October 22nd 2018 – After a fantastic response to the community beta, developers O’ol Blue are pleased to announce what’s next for the forthcoming tower-rush brawler, MINImax Tinyverse. November 2018: Steam beta MINImax Tinyverse is a real-time, tower-rush brawler where you, “max,” assist an army of “MINI” troopers and champions in the fight between the realms of Aillai and Creaea. Requiring not only quick … Continue reading MINImax Tinyverse – Steam Beta Announced

“Best New PR Agency – UK” -2018

We’re proud to announce that ThatGuy PR has been voted the best new PR Agency, in the LUX Toy, Game & Gadget awards 2018. It’s an accolade we’re incredibly proud of that shows in just a few short months we’re already starting to make a difference for indie developers worldwide. In addition to for our start-up work at GeekMode PR  winning last years “Best new … Continue reading “Best New PR Agency – UK” -2018

ThatGuy is now available

It’s been a busy few months, but today, ThatGuy PR is officially open for business. We’re already talking to a number of developers about future projects and giving invaluable advice wherever we can. ThatGuy isn’t just about high-value public relations, with prices starting from £49, high-quality gaming PR has never been this affordable. There’s full details on our pricing page, but no doubt you want … Continue reading ThatGuy is now available

Introducing Pre-R

Public relations isn’t just that thing you do to get a little coverage when a game is complete and you’re trying to get people to notice your project.  For the most succesful projects it’s about building up awareness about your game long before many would usually consider public relations representation. Once again, ThatGuy has the perfect solution, we’re not going to try to sell you … Continue reading Introducing Pre-R

A Public Relations Innovation

With hundreds and thousands of PR companies, I’m sure they’d all like to think their methods where innovative, but at ThatGuy we’re not just positive of our value to our clients, we’re confident of our value to the entire gaming industry. For the last 30 years I’ve watched as game development has gone full circle, small developers turning into large multi-million pound corporations and the … Continue reading A Public Relations Innovation