MINImax Tinyverse – Official trailer and Steam beta

Steam Beta Starting on November 19th PST and Early Access coming at the end of December. Thursday, November 8th 2018 – South Korean developers O’ol Blue Inc have today released the first official trailer for MINImax Tinyverse alongside the announcement that the forthcoming real-time tower-rush brawler, will have an open beta on Steam, starting on the 19th November at 6pm PST. After the success of … Continue reading MINImax Tinyverse – Official trailer and Steam beta

Industry Talent Directory

Creating a game, putting your heart and should into a small digital package isn’t a simple process, even the most gifted small development teams will find they need to outsource for certain aspects of game development. Gears won’t run well if there’s a cog missing. Guess what..? ThatGuy can help. As part of our service to clients both present and future, It’s important to help … Continue reading Industry Talent Directory