If you’ve stumbled across us already, then it’s great to know word of a brand new innovation in Video Game PR is spreading fast, we’re not tethered by an agency and we won’t be overlooking your creation for the AAA titles because we only cover small and independent developers.

Here’s an idea of just some of the services we offer..

  • Press Release dissemination.
  • Game Review-Code outreach.
  • Feature idea generation and placement
  • Social media management.
  • Community management.
  • Advanced Coverage acquisition.
  • Market Research and Feedback monitoring.
  • Pricing and Launch date advice.
  • Trailer & Screenshot assistance & advice.
  • Gif Creation.
  • Infographics creation and dissemination.
  • Branding.
  • Merchandising.
  • PlayTesting (first test is free).
  • Full Coverage Reports.
  • Auto-PR : Automated PR, one-stop, zero disruption service.
  • Pre-R : Early-stage assistance for young projects
  • Industry contacts (Artists, Actors and more ready to recommend)

Spreading the word is just half of the story, here’s just an idea of the people we reach…

  • An ever expanding list of worldwide gaming journalists.
  • Mainstream and specialist press including highly ranked websites and newspapers.
  • Influencers including some world famous YouTube™ channels.
  • Streamers across a variety of services including Mixer™ & Twitch™.
  • A wide range of highly ranked and relevant websites.

And when we say coverage reports, we don’t mean a simple spreadsheet…

  • Google alert monitoring to show range of web exposure.
  • Infographics to showcase your games reach.
  • Social Media report highlighting where you game is being shared.
  • Reach approximations showing potential reach for all coverage.
  • Detailed links to all articles, videos or content during the promotion.


That’s just scratching the surface with advice across the board we aim to offer a diverse range of options meaning our clients can concentrate on development and leave the rest to us. This article explains a little more about out services in detail, or you can contact us for more information.