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Norfolk Warriors

Norfolk Warriors from the Veil of Entropy Universe is a forthcoming title by Mouchet Software, built on the Cohorts game system. Long before the reign of Emperor Arcanus Illum, the nomadic tribes of Saskabellon enjoyed a peaceful existence living off the land, following the great herds. These were golden times indeed. As Arcanus pushed north from the Azillation Mountains, these nomadic tribes avoided confrontation and … Continue reading Norfolk Warriors

Mouchet Software Corporation

Founded in 1993 by Paul Mouchet, Mouchet Software Corporation started off providing software solutions to public and private sector clients in Canada’s National Capital Region. While we still provide custom software solutions to our clients, we have switched our focus to developing video games. After over 20 years of building other company’s software, we decided it was time to build something that was dear to … Continue reading Mouchet Software Corporation

VR Hero Sentry

Play your favourite build with the endless customization in game strategies – spell based, tankish,reliant on attack damage or invested in building your army? Choose whatever specialization you must to stand your ground. Evade, dodge, aim, repeat – Flying, melee and ranged units will challenge your movements and reaction time, as AI and complex agro-systems requires strategic positioning – how close dare you come to … Continue reading VR Hero Sentry

Refocus solutions

Refocus Solutions was started in 2018 to bring the classic RPG to life through the technologies of virtual reality. We strive to deliver great gaming experiences – to end consumers or through B2B. Continue reading Refocus solutions

The One we Found

You are James Ledgewick a psychotherapist in whisperwood mental institution.Recently a un-earthed cave network has not only revealed dark secrets but a terrible evil with it. You must uncover the secrets that whisperwood now holds. Will you find it before it finds you? https://theonewefound.com/ Continue reading The One we Found

Loveridge Designs

We are Currently developing our first commercial non-android release. The One We Found is a survival-horror experience like no other. You are James Ledgewick a psychotherapist in whisperwood mental institution.Recently a un-earthed cave network has not only revealed dark secrets but a terrible evil with it.You must uncover the secrets that whisperwood now holds. Will you find it before it finds you?. Check out The One We Found’s website … Continue reading Loveridge Designs

MINImax: Tinyverse

MINImax is a Watch & Help Real-time Battle Arena (RTSBA) Tiny battles between 2-5cm tall beings (MINI), are joined by a player (max) who will assist the team as they fight to claim the realm from the other team. MINImax is aiming for release on Steam (early access) in Dec 2018. Continue reading MINImax: Tinyverse

O’ol Blue

Indie Korean developers who give players oceans of fun. working on simplified 1:1 RTS @officialMINImax and servicing #HuntersLeague globally. Continue reading O’ol Blue

TTR: World Tour – Nitro Edition

Table Top Racing: World Tour PINT-SIZED POWERED UP RACING!!! Get behind the wheelS of 16 ultra-cool, fully tuneable, miniaturised Race Cars and master all 32 devious table top race tracks! Get online with with friends and foes for an 8 player multi-player battle of wits, skill and raw racing talent. Enjoy that moment when you hit an opponent with the Frostbite weapon, just before the final bend and watch them … Continue reading TTR: World Tour – Nitro Edition

Green Light Games

Greenlight Games Ltd is an independent games studio & publisher based in Greenwich, UK. Professional Games Publishing. Plus Project Purchasing, Investment, Marketing & UA Funding.   Continue reading Green Light Games


999 is a puzzle platformer style game in which you must fling your character to the exit through 999 difficult levels. Throw your character around gruelingly addictive, funky, psychedelic, colourful and thrillingly rage-enduing levels and get as far as you can. Continue reading 999

Tydecon Games

Tydecon Games is a UK indie game developer! Making fun and addictive games since 2014, have a look at https://tydecon.games/ and check out the games they’ve made so far and see what they’re creating for you right now! Continue reading Tydecon Games

Earth Atlantis

A side-scrolling shooter with a monster hunting gameplay, you must search and hunt down dreadful sea monsters and explore the post-apocalyptic underwater world of Earth Atlantis. Unlock multiple ships with special weapons and abilities for your journey and become a legendary hunter. Continue reading Earth Atlantis

Pixel Perfex

We’re proud to be working with Pixel Perfex on “Earth Atlantis”, the fantastic bullet-hell scrolling shooter already available on Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch. Continue reading Pixel Perfex

Stinky Snake

ThatGuy PR have combined with the inspirational family run development team at DB Attic Studios to bring you Stinky Snake. The enchanting platform game created by a family, for families.  Based on the adorable web-comic by artistic designer Anabel Barker. Stinky Snake, a 2D-platformer which is due to be released Spring 2018 for PC on Steam. After being shipwrecked, a snake named Snake, a human … Continue reading Stinky Snake

DB Attic Studios

ThatGuy PR is proud to announce our partnership with DB Attic Studios for their forthcoming game Stinky Snake. DB Attic Studios are an inspirational family development team headed by Darlene Barker, her children Anabel, Isabelle, Christian and Brigit are in charge of art, music, special effects and testing with canine Lily chief of security and snacks. Their first game Stinky Snake, based on the comic … Continue reading DB Attic Studios


ThatGuy PR have teamed up with zinWorks Studios to bring you the fantastic zombie-defense title ZombiED. Releasing in May 2018 on both Android and iOS it’s up to you to defend the school against zombie ridden classmates and staff in this insane 3D tower defense game! Continue reading ZombiED

zinWorks Studios

ThatGuy is proud to announce our partnership with zinWorks studios. zinWorks Studios is the gaming division of zinCode LLC, specializing in the development and creation of video games first and foremost. Their team consists of many diversified minds that, when put together, can achieve nearly anything. An organic Indie game studio focused on developing games and having fun while doing it.. The team at zinWorks has … Continue reading zinWorks Studios

Kung-Fu for Kinect

Punching air has never felt this good! Kung-Fu for Kinect takes the player’s own video image and puts it inside a 2D fighting adventure. The player fights comic-book villains with real kicks and punches. During cutscenes, Kinect takes snapshots of the player’s poses, giving the player the lead role in their own animated comic book. As with the company’s previous games, Kung-Fu has been designed … Continue reading Kung-Fu for Kinect

Virtual Air Guitar Company

In June 2016 under GeekMode PR (The precursor to that ThatGuy PR) we worked with Virtual Air Guitar Company on their launch PR for Kung-Fu for Kinect. Virtual Air Guitar Company is an indie studio with experience on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PC and Android. They create unique motion games and applications, from full-body action to precise fingertip control. The company was founded in … Continue reading Virtual Air Guitar Company

Unamed project

We recently worked with a secret start-up on an unamed project. Press releases and advice were supplied and we wish them the very best for their future endeavours.   Continue reading Unamed project