Automated PR

Automated PR, or Auto-PR as we like to call it, isn’t putting our feet up and letting technology do our work, we’ll still be pushing our abilities to the limit as we strive to get your game the exposure it deserves. While we encourage our clients to maintain regular communications throughout the course of our tailored packages, some would rather have a much more automatic … Continue reading Automated PR

Preparing to Launch

Working hard behind the scenes to get everything in place ready to launch, we’re continuing to put systems into place which will assist us in giving our clients the best possible exposure and reports that will provide unparalleled insight to the coverage of their titles. Using modern technologies and a wealth of experience we have an ever-growing list of services to ensure ThatGuy can cover … Continue reading Preparing to Launch

A Public Relations Innovation

With hundreds and thousands of PR companies, I’m sure they’d all like to think their methods where innovative, but at ThatGuy we’re not just positive of our value to our clients, we’re confident of our value to the entire gaming industry. For the last 30 years I’ve watched as game development has gone full circle, small developers turning into large multi-million pound corporations and the … Continue reading A Public Relations Innovation