MINImax Tinyverse : Early Access Confirmed

Thursday, December 20th 2018 – South Korean developers O’ol Blue have today confirmed the forthcoming Real-time Tower-rush “Be a GOD” Strategy Brawler, MINImax Tinyverse will hit Early-Access on Thursday 27th December 2018.

Beside a wealth of improvements and enhancements built around the feedback from the previous beta tests, the Early-Access will launch with the following new additions.

Early Access Features

  • New Aillai Champion: Ortto the powerful Ortto rushes into battle to defend his grounds.
  • New Creaea Champion: Murrakah with a stronger and more violent desire, the wild Murrakah has returned to the battlefield
  • Changes to Champion Nia: Nia will comeback even deadlier than ever with adjustments to her second passive ability.
  • Timer change: The 360 second counter will be changing to a countdown.
  • UI Improvements: Thanks to the ongoing feedback from the fantastic Discord community, the User Interface will receive an overhaul.
  • Sound improvement: Sounds will be improved in various ways to enhance player experience.
  • Intro addition: When you start a game for the first time, you will get a story-based introduction to the world of Tinyverse.
  • Bot Match Improvements: Bot Match will have some changes to improve the players understanding of the game.


To celebrate the forthcoming early access launch, there’s also numerous events and competitions in the run up to Christmas on the official MINImax Tinyverse discord,.

“Christmas Puzzle” Quest
Somewhere in the Antique shop Tinyverse champions and their items hide from the careful eye. The first Discord member who finds all the items and their location will win a $15 Steam Gift card! Check the image in #christmas-puzzle-quest!

“Christmas Story Adaptation” Art Contest Adapt a famous(or not) magical Christmas story to the world of Minimax and post it in #🎨christmas-story-adaptation-art-contest chat. The written adaptation has to have more than 1000 characters. Fanart, college or other form has to be larger than 700px x 700 px The best Christmas Story adaptation will receive $15 Steam Gift card! Discord members with Christmas themed avatar get an extra point. 😉

You can join the MINImax Tinyverse community on Discord in preparation for the upcoming Early Access release on December 27th 2018 at 02:00am GMT.


Join the Tinyverse
You can add MINImax Tinyverse to your wish list now in preparation for the Dec 27th Early Access launch.



Official trailer

If you missed the official trailer, you can watch as princess Aidel face’s her most formidable enemy, the assassin Kaya.
In this fierce battle, both sides are supported by players, the forces of the Aillai and Creaea realms will continue clashing, unaware of presence of the supporting player who control the flow of battle, helping to obtain the victory in the endless war of the Tinyverse.

More about MINImax

MINImax Tinyverse is a game where you take part in 1v1 battles between armies of tiny little beings. Each army is led by a powerful champion with unique skills and attributes, and supported by a wide range of troopers who fight alongside you and your Champion.

Choose between Aillai and Creaea in the fight for the realms of Tinyverse against the opposing armies.

You will have to influence your champion, and shape the flow of the battle with your strategic selection of characters and your skillful control of miracles to alter the map’s condition as you indirectly push your army towards victory

Facilitate the advance of your allies by building a ramp or destroying walls, trees and other obstacles, or dynamically change the playing field to stop your enemies march by building a crayon wall and setting it on fire, or by freezing, polluting or electrifying the water. You can even shift day and night for a limited time to reduce your enemies’ range of vision and grant your team special day and night blessings.


The MINImax community

Gameplay isn’t the only way that MINImax has connected with its players.

With active community participation. The official Discord community has been continually involved in the development of the game through feedback and testing periods, as well as the involvement in the official Streams of the game and tournaments that have been organized since the discovery on the Tinyverse.

Find the heart of the MINImax Tinyverse at the official Discord server:

MINImax Partner Program

If you are a streamer or content creator, you can check the partnership program.
MINImax Tinyverse will award special benefits to their partners making this the perfect time to jump inside.


Press Kit

Grab the official MINImax Tinyverse Press Kit:


About MINImax Tinyverse


About O’ol Blue
For more details about O’ol Blue Inc, please visit:


Press Contact
For all press inquiries please contact:
Leigh Walker – ThatGuy PR


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