Norfolk Warriors: Open Beta Out Now

3rd December 2018 – Nottingham, UK:

The open beta for the forthcoming virtual table-top strategy game is now available on the Microsoft Windows Store for PC.

Built on the revolutionary Cohorts Game System, the first instalment of the Veil of Entropy universe features unique strategic gameplay that’s as rewarding for purists as it is intriguing for players new to the genre.

Canadian developer Mouchet Software Corp, has developed the Cohorts Game System from the ground up to serve as the back-bone for the imagination of the Game Master, to tune, tweak and manipulate the game-world to provide the foundations for a wide range of gaming genres.

Norfolk Warriors and the Veil of Entropy universe is the first release centralising on the fantasy world of Orth, packed with Gods, dangerous creatures and your team of five on an adventure that sees the Veil of Entropy Universe start to unravel before your eyes.

Featuring familiar table-top styled gameplay, there’s immense depth to satisfy the most ardent of fans, with a fresh and exciting twist to welcome newcomers.

Open Beta.

The open beta of Norfolk Warriors is available now, completely free to play from the Microsoft Windows Store.

The open beta will provide a fully playable game, allowing players to experience the Veil of Entropy universe for the first time ever.

Only a small portion of the game’s storyline is included in the Beta version.  However, Mouchet Software Corp. wants to assure players that the Beta serves as a full test of all the game’s features and not just a small “demo” portion of it.  While in Beta, enhancements will be continuously made based on user feedback and an ongoing ‘to-do’ list.
Users can find out more and provide feedback on the beta on the official discord channel at

Norfolk Warriors.
A turn-based virtual table-top game where you develop your team of five characters in a quest to achieve your factional goals.

When brute strength isn’t enough, soften your opponents with powerful curses, dastardly thieves and deadly assassins.

Concoct potent potions, enchant your gear and tame wild beasts to become your trusty mounts.

With open gameplay and multiple ways to achieve victory, Norfolk Warriors is a fresh and intriguing experience every time you play.  Combine strategy and tactics to complete hundreds of quests and adventures, discovering new and exciting sub-plots within the rich and detailed tapestry of the Veil of Entropy Universe.


Veil of Entropy.
Orth is in crisis.  The original gods Pele and Medeina are nowhere to be found.

Strange creatures are rising from the depths of the deepest oceans and coming up from the ground like lava seeping through the cracks from another world.  Villages and Cities ravaged by all forms of beasts, both living and undead.  All the while, vampires and were-creatures are vying for supremacy with no thought of the collateral damage they’re causing.

The elder-god Titan has been gone for nearly a millennia, but people of the north have heard his whispers. For those that are faithful and can free him from his icy prison, he offers power, glory and revenge on all those that have caused them harm. For those willing to give their soul, he will offer Immortality.


Cohorts Game System.
A brand-new, unique engine designed and built by the developers at Mouchet Software Corp.

A complete rule-set that allows for the creation of elaborate, detailed game worlds.

Conceptually, Cohorts is not unlike many of the pen and paper table-top role-playing games where players can fully understand the game mechanics.  But it’s the discovery of the world created by the Game Master that sparks their imagination.

For the players, Cohorts’ rule-set gives them an understanding of how the underlying mechanics can affect their strategic and tactical choices. For the Game Master, the world-builder tool set allows for the creation of unique scenarios that are not tied to any specific genre. For the developer, the system will provide a complete set of APIs that they can be leveraged to create virtually any game style they want, from the virtual table-top game Veil of Entropy is building, to a first-person shooter, or to a point-and-click story-centric adventure.


About Mouchet Software
Paul Mouchet is a life-long gamer, starting with Pong and a love of Play-By-Mail titles in the 80’s.
Several years ago, after more than three decades building computer systems for clients, he decided to break from consulting and follow his heart.  Paul started to build a system inspired by the deep, rich and diverse worlds found in the golden era and his favourite PBM genre.

Amazingly detailed and wonderfully complicated enjoyment that can ignite the imagination for days on end.

“The strength of a game is not how you play, not how long you play, but rather how often you think of the game when you are not playing.”

Jim Landes


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Leigh Walker – ThatGuy PR



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