Do I Need PR?

When it comes to independent developers, one phrase I’ve heard time and time again is…

“If it’s a good game, it will sell!”

With many going as far to suggest public relations isn’t necessary.
While I’m sure many in my position would try to argue a point, I’ll happily agree that a great game (one in a hundred, maybe one in a thousand) will pick up sales and do well over a period of time, as it slowly starts to get noticed and word of mouth carries it around.

Sadly, this can take weeks and months and for many titles, by the time they’re getting such a reception, they’re no longer relevant or developers, players and the press have all moved on to something bigger, probably with better marketing and PR.

So what can PR do?
Here’s an example…


These are actual figures of Title-X, 1 week after the release of recent game we’ve covered. Reach is the number of verified viewers, followers and subscribers across all outlets who requested review code via one of three code distribution services we regularly use.

8.29 million people..
With our own ever-expanding press mailing lists with hundreds of press, content creators and influencers, alongside two other key distribution platforms, it’s safe to expect that this game has a potential reach over well over 10, possibly 12 or even 15 million gamers, within a week of it’s release.

That all sounds very impressive, and obviously the guys who get the codes need to enjoy it enough to provide coverage, and that then has to be positive enough to push people towards purchasing the title, but that’s the point I’ll remind you of what we agreed earlier…

“If it’s a good game, It will sell!”

A Game priced £12.99, would need to sell ONLY 50 copies
to pay for our popular “Choice package
and only 100 copies to cover the price of our top-tier “Behemoth Package

Now, you can answer the question,

Do I Need PR?

Final Fact: Title-X had covered the cost of our entire PR campaign from pre-orders alone, and was “In Profit” within hours of release.

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