The One We Found – Survival Gameplay

Wednesday 10th October 2018 – 14:00 BST – The One We Found showcases the horror of survival in new gameplay trailer.
With “The One We Found” releasing on PC (Steam) and the Xbox One family of devices including the Xbox One X as a console launch exclusive, developers Loveridge designs have today outlined further details about the “Enhanced for Xbox One X” improvements for the world’s most powerful console.

  • Improved frame-rate
  • Improved loading times
  • Higher resolution
  • 4K & revised textures (coming soon)

New “Survival” Gameplay

The mystery, suspense, atmosphere and precision timed soundtrack of “The One We Found” will leave you reaching for fresh underwear, here’s a look at the four primary enemy types to test your resolve.

  • Stalker: While the Stalker does little damage and is easy to kill, it’s speed and numbers will push your ammunition management to the limit.
  • Brute: Moving slowly, you won’t struggle to outrun a brute, but if you don’t take them down quickly, you’ll soon find yourself cornered and punished by their powerful attacks.
  • Guardian: The perfect balance of speed and strength, encountering a guardian is an unfortunate event which will often end with a grieving family and another funeral to arrange.
  • Harmony: The main overarching boss of The One We Found, single-hit kills and an impenetrable shield mean this is one boss you won’t want to come up against.

Harmony resides in a mysterious location in Whisperwood known only as “The Mainframe”, there’s rumours of strange experiments in a secret underground base which defy physics and reality, is Harmony behind the deadly virus known as Talos?

Nobody knows if the secrets of Whisperwood are a true threat to humanity or merely an urban legend.

Josh ‘TKO’ Turner, The Tattooed savior of AMC’s The Walking Dead, has already added The One We Found to his wishlist… Now you can too!
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Press Kit :

If you missed it, here’s the official “The One We Found” announcement trailer:

About the game :

To find out more visit the official website:

About the developer :

Loveridge Designs are a small creative studio based in the scenic County Wicklow in Ireland.

The One We Found marks their first full commercial release on home computer and consoles.

Prepare to Stalk :

You can stalk the developers and find out more about the closing stages of development –

Facebook :

Twitter :

Press contact :

ThatGuy PR

Leigh Walker

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