Hero Sentry heading to HTC Vive in November

8th October 2018, — VR Hero Sentry, heading to HTC Vive in November

Danish indie developers Refocus Solutions have today announced the forthcoming action-RPG, VR Hero Sentry, releasing on the 6th November 2018.
Inspired by classic RTS hero mods,  VR gamers will shape a hero to their unique play-style, annihilate monsters and encounter gargantuan bosses to gain experience and spell points to explore their own personal spell paths and improve hero stats in a persistent RPG vendor system that offers character, troops, armory and weapon upgrades.

Prepare to master a revolutionary, advanced combat system created using the latest VR technologies to put you in the heart of the battle.
Pick a hero and class, obtain magical trinkets and increase your personal powers and the strength of your army as you fight your way through infinite hordes of challenging enemies and gigantic bosses.

A dynamic blend of RPG longevity with exciting gameplay designed to test your combat skills;

Control the crowds or risk it all.
Duck, dodge and evade – how close dare you go to optimize aim? Rise to the top of the leaderboards, strengthen your hero and join the elite in hardcore mode.

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  • ·         Choose your hero. As a hunter specialized in Fire or Frost, or choose between the arcane powers or Necromancy for your wizard.
  • ·         Choose your loadout of spells for each hero class and upgrade them to fit your strategy.
  • ·         Upgrade your heroic beast or train an army of knights and archers.
  • ·         Endless customization; stats, spells & item strategies.
  • ·         Slaughter melee, ranged and airborne hordes and defeat titanic bosses with unique attacks.
  • ·         Infinite scalability, game play and two outposts to explore.
  • ·         Traditional RPG combat system with aggro, telegraphed attacks and crowd control-effects.
  • ·         Challenge yourself with multiple difficulties and leaderboards for competitive gamers.
  • ·         Much, much more…!


Official announcement trailer:
Download : https://goo.gl/D1ye4U

Press Kit:
Get the latest press assets from the official press kit.

About the game:
VR Hero Sentry is an immersive VR ARPG inspired by old-school RTS community mods that we all know and love.
This VR ARPG makes you take up arms and choose your hero, class and build as you fight off hordes and titanic bosses and offers you infinite gameplay and endless customization. Upgrade your spells, buy mythical armor and weapons, build your army and increase your hero stats to defeat the underworld.

To find out more, visit the official website:

About the developer:
Refocus Solutions was started in 2018 to bring the classic RPG to life through the technologies of virtual reality. Striving to deliver the best gaming experiences while exploring new ways to experience virtual reality.

Jens Fibæk-Jensen

Social Links:
Get social and out more about the closing stages of development –

Twitter: https://twitter.com/VRHeroSentry

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZC6hdtwTCSyd1orx1ayzlw

Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/WHcRVRG
PR contact:
ThatGuy PR
Leigh Walker


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