MINImax Tinyverse – Community Beta – Press Release

September 27th 2018 — MINImax Tinyverse prepares for community beta and first open tournament.

The forthcoming real-time, tower-rush brawler where you, “max”, assist an army of “MINI” troopers and champions in the fight between the realms of Aillai and Creaea.

After a successful pre-beta test period, hundreds of users joined the battles of Tinyverse, providing valuable feedback to the developers O’ol Blue.

“We’ve received many insights from the pre-beta testing, thanks to the players who joined us and actively commented on how they would like to see the game in the future.

we see the pre-Beta testing experience as a great step, contributing to build a much more solid game in terms of actual fun and reflection of what our players would like to see in the game.”


Community Beta

As well as improved balancing and enhancements thanks to ongoing feedback from the community, the community beta, will include 2 new champions, with Tuppi joining the Allai realm and Kaya reinforcing Creaea.

  • 2 NEW Champions, Tuppi & Kaya.
  • 6 NEW Troopers including the catapult and a giant armadillo launching frog.
  • 7 NEW Miracles including freeze, roots and sewage.

Feast your eyes on the new content ahead of the community beta.

Tuppi :

Kaya :

Overview :

You can check out all of the upcoming content a day before the beta kicks off, from 7pm PDT on the 27th September at the following channels.




Steam Store


Beta start & Events
The Community Beta will start on Friday the 28th September.

Join here :

The community beta will also include the Community Beta Tournament.

Application Period

Applications close September 29th

*We will be taking only up to 10 Aillai players and 10 Creaea players who ask to join in the link above.

Tournament Period

September 30th ~ October 04th

How to Participate

Participants will have to register in our official Battlefy tournament page People will have to apply by joining one Realm (Aillai or Creaea) They will be fighting on the 1st round against a member of the opposite team. After the 1st round, the matches will proceed according to the brackets There will be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places rewards and recognition. Additionally, the realm with more number of members in the top 5 will receive a special reward on Discord.


1st place = 100 USD Steam Wallet Code

2nd place = 50 USD Steam Wallet Code

3rd place = 30 USD Steam Wallet Code

Realm Reward: Special Emoji for the realm (Tuppi or Kaya Emoji) More details in:

Best Team Build Event

Share with other players and testers your best strategies and earn some desired Steam Wallet codes just by posting in #the-best-team-build.

Beta Recognition

As announced in pre-Beta, you will be able to receive a Beta badge and be featured in the game credits if you participate in the beta testing period and share with us. The details can be found in our official event page in the link below. You can read more about our events here:


About MINImax Tinyverse
Developed by O’olBlue Inc. MINImax Tinyverse is a real-time strategy game with a difference, watch and assist the heroic champions of your chosen realm and guide them to victory in chaotic 1v1 battles.


About O’ol Blue
For more details about O’olBlue Inc, please visit:


Press Contact
For all press enquiries please contact:

Leigh Walker – ThatGuy PR

Email :


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