Stinky Snake : Trailer & Release date

Nottingham, England. June 5th 2018 — Indie developers DB Attic Studios, the inspirational Mother & Children team from New Hampshire, U.S, have today revealed the release date and announcement trailer for their forthcoming platform adventure game Stinky Snake.

The indie title about a Snake’s voyage to rescue his friends is shaping up to be a perfect game for families to enjoy together and teach younger gamers the value of family and friendship.

Stinky Snake is now available on Steam to follow and add to your wishlist ahead of it’s release on the 26th June 2018.
Stinky Snake, a 2D-platformer where a snake races around on a cart taking out skunks. Inspired by a comic strip about a snake and skunk who are best of friends and enemies. The game is set on a tropical island with palm trees and an active volcano, based on The Emerald Isle, Montserrat. The birthplace of lead developer Darlene Barker.
Interviews are available with Darlene who is also the mother of the other team members, please use the PR contact to enquire about availability.
Key Features.
  • Stinky Snake, based on a comic strip is a 2D-platformer game with lots of towns to explore and coconuts to collect.
  • Many skunks to eliminate while acquiring new weapons, and finally battling their leader, Skunk.
  • The goals of the game is for Snake to get his family back from Skunk after eliminating all skunks in his path.
  • Main character is the Snake riding on a cart with attached weapons.
About DB Attic Studios.
Lead developer and CEO Darlene Barker has a wealth of professional experience spanning several disciplines from systems to software, her children Anabel, Isabelle, Christian and Brigit make up the rest of the development team along with family pet dog Lily, chief of security and snacks.
Anabel is the artistic designer and creator of the Stinky Snake comics, with her sister Isabelle a co-writer for the story and lead musician. Christian is responsible for special effects and user engagement while Brigit is the primary tester.
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