Stinky Snake : Announcement – Press Release

Adorable family platform game, heading to Steam.

Nottingham, England. May 21st 2018 – Developed in-house by family-developers DB Attic Studios from Bedford New Hampshire (US).  Stinky Snake is the forthcoming adventure game based on the comic-series created by team-member and artistic creator Anabel Barker.

Stinky Snake, is a 2D-platformer due to be released Summer 2018 on Steam (PC).  After being shipwrecked, Snake, a Pyrenees dog named Angel and a human child called Puppy are harassed by a pack of skunks. Their leader, Skunk, captures Puppy and Angel, spending the rest of the game taunting and trying to capture Snake.

The forthcoming platform game will feature a variety of tropical locations including a dangerous active volcano; all based on The Emerald Isle, Montserrat. The birth-place of lead developer Darlene Barker.

Stinky Snake is a game about family; suitable for the whole family, created by an inspirational ‘mother & children’ development team.  DB Attic Studios don’t just highlight the power of women in games, but also families in the industry. It’s remarkable how such a skilled family have come together to create every aspect of Stinky Snake 100% ‘in-house’.

Interviews are available now, please email for more details.

Grab the Stinky Snake press kit here :

About DB Attic Studios.

Lead developer and CEO Darlene Barker has a wealth of professional experience spanning several disciplines from systems to software, her children Anabel, Isabelle, Christian and Brigit make up the rest of the development team along with family pet dog Lily, chief of security and snacks.

Anabel is the artistic designer and creator of the Stinky Snake comics, with her sister Isabelle a co-writer for the story and lead musician. Christian is responsible for special effects and user engagement while Brigit is the primary tester.

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Press Contact

Name: Leigh Walker

Company: ThatGuy PR


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