Free Press Release Service

As a continuation of our ‘Free Play-Test & Feedback Service’ ThatGuy is pleased to say that, included in the feedback, could well be an offer for a completely free press release.

While we would love to have enough spare time to hand out free press releases to everyone, sadly we have to be a little more selective.  However if your game ticks a few of these boxes, you could be in luck.

  • Unique and appealing
  • Genre defining
  • Graphically polished
  • Highly Immersive

We love every game, and love to find the positives that we know the press and public will love, but sometimes you come across that real gem.  The game that shines so brightly, even at an early stage.

The handful of rising stars where we want to make sure people know about it.  If that’s your game, let us know and submit it for a Free Play-Test & Feedback service. Then if we agree, we’ll be happy to offer you a free press release.

There’s no catch, if you’re interested in our services, we will add the press release on, or deduct the value from one of out fantastic packages.

If you’re not looking for full representation yet, that’s fine too.  We’ll still provide the release, and hopefully hear from you again when you’re ready to push to the next level.

Finally, even if you decide not to use our services, that’s fine too, we’ll give you our very best advice and wish you the very best for the future.

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