The ZombiED are coming to iOS & Android 8th May.

ThatGuy PR. Nottingham, England: 15:00, 3rd May 2018.

We’re proud to announce that ZombiED will be FREE to download and is coming to the iOS Appstore and Google PlayStore on Tuesday, 8th May.

Repel thousands of zombies across infinite waves, combining mobile pick-up and play with PC style depth and longevity. Prepare to get hooked on repelling the zombie hordes as you Pan, zoom and rotate around each location and hear the zombies breathing down your neck with three-dimensional sound.

That’s not all, not only will ZombiED be FREE to download,

  • ALL gameplay is available without a single purchase.
  • The only micro-transaction is to remove the single non-intrusive and skippable advert.
  • Localised to English, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, French and German.
  • Prepare yourself for the horde with brand new screenshots and gameplay videos released today.

Do you have what it takes save the world?

Press Kit:

Review Code: Coming Soon, please email links to coverage to to be first in line.

In case you missed it.

Launch Trailer:

ZombiED mailing list: 

About zinWorks Studios.

Hi from zinWorks Studios,

First, we would like to thank you for your interest in ZombiED. We specialize in the development and creation of video games. Our team consists of many diversified minds that when put together, can achieve nearly anything. Our goal here at zinWorks is to capture and create top of the line video games that anyone and everyone can have an amazing experience playing.

You can join us on the following platforms

Facebook :

Twitter :

Instagram :

—end of release—

Links to gameplay trailers :

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