Free Play-Test & Feedback Service

Indie developer looking for honest, professional free feedback on your game, just ask ThatGuy!

Many developers have limited feedback on their projects, friends & family might not have the objective stance your game requires and developers who work and think together might not always have that ‘outside opinion’ which can be so valuable to the development of your game.

ThatGuy want’s to help. Best of all, this service is completely FREE OF CHARGE…

Why would you want ThatGuy to look at your game?

Public Relations : Finding unique hooks that will help sell your title to press and gamers while outlining anything you might want to consider changing before going more public.

Press : With 10 years experience and hundreds of reviews for regional, specialist and mainstream press behind us, we know what makes the press tick and key aspects that might make a jouranlist want to cover your game.

Gamer : Every console, every major game and hundreds of current-gen titles mean we’ve played most of the great games you’d aspire to reach and know what gamers look for.

After Play-Testing your game, we will get back to you with in depth feedback, advice and pointers to help continued development with advice on potential steps towards getting the press and public aware of your project.



Hold on a minute, You’re doing that for FREE!!! What’s the catch?

There is no catch, As long as your game has already come out, or is releasing on Xbox One or PC (including Oculus Rift compatible VR), we’re providing the service for free because we know how valuable such opinions are.

There’s no pushy sales pitches, no ongoing promotional messages, just free, honest, friendly and professional advice.

What do we get out of this, Except the satisfaction of trying to help the industry grow and improve.

If we can help your development, then you might even consider ThatGuy’s other services to give your game award winning PR at an unbeatable price.

How do I sign up??

Simple drop us a message here or email us directly on



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