Industry Talent Directory

Creating a game, putting your heart and should into a small digital package isn’t a simple process, even the most gifted small development teams will find they need to outsource for certain aspects of game development.

Gears won’t run well if there’s a cog missing.

Guess what..? ThatGuy can help.


As part of our service to clients both present and future, It’s important to help as much before representation as it is during, especially in the days of self publishing when many developers are left relying on Google and word of mouth for anything outside of core development.

With a directory of talent, you can get high quality recommendations without having to do the legwork yourself, from our own point of view, it’s great to start building that level of trust and support but also fantastic to build our own relations throughout the industry.

For the games industry talent, it costs nothing and will hopefully bring more exposure and work for them in the future.

With our experience across the industry it’s only natural that developers and the gaming press aren’t our only contacts, as well as experienced industry professionals, we actively seek out gifted individuals that are eager to make a start in the industry, but maybe don’t have the professional experience meaning there’s always options regardless of your budget.

Do you need a trailer putting together, artwork and logo’s or a talented voice-over actor or artist to add some pizzazz to your delivery.

Many aspects of game design ThatGuy can either recommend, help find or point you in the right direction, with an ever-expanding list of upcoming and experienced individuals who could be the perfect fit for those few niggling gaps.


The ‘Industry Talent List’ is completely free to join, and recommendations are free for our clients and potential clients.

If you’ve got any queries, requests for assistance or if you’re an industry professional who would like us to consider you for recommendation, please get in contact here.

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