ThatGuy is now available

It’s been a busy few months, but today, ThatGuy PR is officially open for business.
We’re already talking to a number of developers about future projects and giving invaluable advice wherever we can.

ThatGuy isn’t just about high-value public relations, with prices starting from £49, high-quality gaming PR has never been this affordable.
There’s full details on our pricing page, but no doubt you want to check out our services too.
On top of tailored packages to suit your every need including our aptly named Pre-R.  For those looking for one-stop PR, we also have the short term Auto-PR packages.

Pre-R, comes first, when you’re game’s early in development, long before a more traditional PR campaign would start.  ThatGuy can still provide indispensable assistance, from website & social media set-up to build end-user relations, early build play-testing and mock previews, there’s also project announcement, press and asset releases and even beta code handling.  With over 4 decades of combined gaming, press and reviewing experience you might find we’re pretty good at giving constructive feedback from every angle too.

Auto-PR is for those looking for completely hassle free public relations, with effective short-term PR campaigns designed to deliver without disturbance, Auto-PR allows you to spend time dedicated to development while we push your game to journalists across 7 or 28 days. Wether it’s a single press release or a couple, you can be sure that we’ll use all the information available to us to build up informative and intriguing material to get people talking about your latest creation.

No matter what level of representation you’re looking for, we’ll not only help you project your game, we’ll actively put it in front of hundreds and thousands of gaming press journalists, websites and influencers.


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