Introducing Pre-R

Public relations isn’t just that thing you do to get a little coverage when a game is complete and you’re trying to get people to notice your project.  For the most succesful projects it’s about building up awareness about your game long before many would usually consider public relations representation.

Once again, ThatGuy has the perfect solution, we’re not going to try to sell you a 6 or 12 month package because for many indie developers, it’s simply not required. However there’s still plenty that can be done in the early stages of development.

Project announcement releases, social media, website creation, mailing lists and early asset placement on top of play-testing and mock previews are all effective ways of starting the ball rolling and building relations with your fans and best of all, we can help with all of this and much more.

Pre-R is available from as little as £49 with all aspects of our representation completely tailored to make sure your game is creating the very best first impressions.
The industry doesn’t benefit from charging for words, so feel free to contact us for a no-strings chat and a virtual cup-of-tea.

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