PR Services explained…

Public relations are still greatly underestimated, many developers feel it’s not required or can be done completely in-house, which is often detrimental to the development of their masterpiece due to the time involved to try and increase exposure.

Whatever you’re thinking, think bigger.

-Tony Hsieh


On top of building up and circulating press materials, PR is much much more and at times it can even reduce the need for other expenses.

Here’s a look in a little more detail about some of the services ThatGuy offers and the importance of linking services to gain momentum and exposure when releasing a game.



If I had one dollar left, I’d spend it on PR

-Bill Gates

We get questions all the time from gamers, press and developers and while it’s important to cut through the nonsense, having the right advice at the right time can prove invaluable.

With experience across the board we’re in a fantastic position to help you push your game forward.  We’re experienced in giving marketing, price, and launch date advice with confirmed results and with services such as dev-build play-testing and nondisclosure mock reviews from both ourselves and top quality reviewers.

It’s important to look at PR services as much more than just spreading the word.

Brand, merchandising are further areas which ThatGuy can help with.  Not only with the creation and development of, but also pointing you in the right direction with regular feedback and input on what the press and gamers want to see.

Good advice is always certain to be ignored, but that’s no reason not to give it.
-Agatha Christie


Press release & asset creation and dissemination.

For many this is the most important area.  Creating informative, intriguing and easy to cover news and assets and getting these in the hands of the worlds gaming press and influencers.

Getting your game noticed is much more than a single press release. announcement, price & date, press assets such as trailers and screenshots, launch and updates/dlc are all a perfect opportunity to get your game in front of potential buyers.

We have an ever-expanding list of contacts including gaming journalists (many of which are with well-known mainstream and specialist press) and influencers including some world famous YouTube™, Mixer™ & Twitch™ channels, combined with our experience in gaming press you can be sure we know how to increase the exposure of your game.

If you need assistance with creating assets such as screenshots, trailers, intriguing easy-to-share animated gifs we can help with those too.


Review outreach & services.

An incredibly important step in public relations is review outreach, using press assets to get interest is one thing, but putting the product in the hands of those same people can bring invaluable follow-up coverage and press opinions which could sell your game on their own.

Combined with early dev-build play-testing and mock reviews you can prepare and position review code with the right momentum to increase coverage, but having that coverage delivered as a statistic packed report can help for future endeavours, often linking with press assets and feature idea generation and placement, it’s another area that’s overlooked especially when trying to self manage PR.

Obtaining gameplay opinion isn’t just throwing out a few codes, it’s using those to build coverage, push exposure and getting results which can shape the way you approach continued PR and further game developement.  The all-important public and press opinion not only improves the chance of gamers buying your current project but also future titles.

For long-term projects you might be planning market research, a beta test or using early-access systems like the Xbox Game Preview program and whether it’s poll, forum and community management, creation, supervision or activity we can help ensure that you’re getting the important feedback to help craft your future while building a interactive connection with your fans.


Social Media management.

Many people like to maintain their own voice, but have limited time or still don’t appreciate the power of social media.

As news is increasingly delivered in quick bite-sized chunks people can obtain information in seconds on networks such as Facebook or Twitter, and maintaining a presence is important to not only push your game forward, but to build an important bond and maintain interactions with the end user while sharing your network with new followers.

Social media is an important factor when sharing assets.  Many titles will appeal to far more than just those dedicated gamers who regularly read gaming press.

Managing your social media networks full time or supervising them part time can help obtain new connections and keep early followers connected with your work and as development progresses.  It’s an invaluable way of sharing assets such as trailers and screenshots and the increasing popularity of animated gifs can sell a game in seconds providing far more information than a screenshot but proving just as ‘share-able’ and far less time consuming than a trailer.  It’s simple maths but with an animated gif, someone could see your game in action and share the clip ten times in the time they could watch a single trailer.


Advanced Coverage acquisition.

Obtaining coverage is an important part of Video Game PR, but we don’t rest on our current list of contacts, using various techniques including social media, backlink tracking, and the old-fashioned leg work of searching, visiting and approaching potential press suitors we push the boundaries by going the extra mile to obtain coverage.

Searching for relevant sites, and pin-pointing the best places to push your game forward will greatly increase exposure, tactics such as sending review code without request to select press partners is a risky loss without the experience of knowing exactly how to slide the hot new game into their inbox, but having the right approach and employing share-tactics such as dropping a trailer, screenshot or animated gif on the social media channel of a related website is all part pushing a game forward and improving our ever increasing network of contacts.

Sometimes guerilla tactics and using controversial methods to promote your game might seem like a good/bad idea, and while some might shy away from controversy or believe all press is good press, we’re in the place to help and decide if it’s the right thing to do, using current market statistics and trends to advise and if agreed, we will happily push it to the limit.


Full Coverage Reports.

Every PR team will provide detailed coverage reports, some will charge you hundreds extra for software subscriptions to make their life easier so they can copy & paste links and let expensive software do the leg work, they might send you the single spreadsheet they’ve used to put a name to an article or leave you with a contact list that’s no more useful than searching for a Mr Smith in the phone directory, or they could give you a few keys statistics wrapped up in a booklet of misinformation.

ThatGuy will go the extra mile, using a number of systems to compile statistics, evidence and approximations for every single piece of coverage we can find that your title receives and compiled these into spreadsheets, pdf files and infographics to give you detailed information to help fine-tune post release marketing and future projects.

Link tracking, trend monitoring, Alexa rankings and specialist tools help us find out information which not only highlight what exposure your title has already had, but approximations of momentum and exposure it’s likely to receive in the coming months.

Infographics can be requested to make them ideal for sharing to gamers and the media as further advertisement of the property or alongside press assets to further increase your games exposure.


While the above might go some way to explaining a little more about how we approach public relations, it’s always dependent on our clients needs, utilising a number of techniques together can help push the exposure of your game to the limits, however for those looking for just a little support can be sure we understand how important every little helps.

Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little. ~Edmund Burke



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