A Public Relations Innovation

With hundreds and thousands of PR companies, I’m sure they’d all like to think their methods where innovative, but at ThatGuy we’re not just positive of our value to our clients, we’re confident of our value to the entire gaming industry.


For the last 30 years I’ve watched as game development has gone full circle, small developers turning into large multi-million pound corporations and the improved foundations allowing small and indie developers to once again take centre stage.

Developers have never had the self-publishing options available today, but the Public Relations industry is still tilted towards big names and big games.

An increasing number of small developers are handling their own PR.

In the past, the only choice was to handle things yourself, especially if you didn’t have the money to pay big bucks for a company to try to squeeze your game in between the latest AAA titles.

Now, there’s another option, you just need ThatGuy.


ThatGuy concentrates solely on small and indie developers.

We won’t be balancing your game against AAA franchises.


PR you can afford

As well as flat-rates and packages tailored to your exact needs, we can also provide options of any payment being related to (and only after) your first weeks/month of sales.


Quality, custom service

There’s no minimum requirement or maximum limit on the coverage we can manage for you, but we have some amazing packages to recommend which we’ll tweak to suit your exact needs.


We even play nicely with others

ThatGuy is happy to work beside other PR companies allowing you further options to maximise your games exposure.

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