Earth Atlantis – iOS announcement

Award winning console shooter heading to iOS this summer, now available to pre-order. Nottingham, England — 26th June 2018, Developer Pixel Perfex have today announced the award-winning indie game ‘Earth Atlantis’ is heading to iOS next month, July 2018 and is available to pre-order now. The “Great Climate Shift” struck at the end of the 21st century and Ninety-six percent of the earth was plunged … Continue reading Earth Atlantis – iOS announcement

Stinky Snake : Out Now

Nottingham, England – 26th June 2018.  ThatGuy PR and DB Attic Studios are pleased to announce the family adventure platform game Stinky Snake is out now on Steam (PC) for $7.99 (£5.79/€6.59). Stinky Snake promises to be a game for all of the family, Follow Snake’s journey across the Emerald isle with three difficulty levels ensuring there’s something for everyone.  Easy will give your children … Continue reading Stinky Snake : Out Now

Stinky Snake just 1 week away

Here’s the official price and pre-launch press release for the forthcoming family platform adventure, Stinky Snake slides onto Steam next week at $7.99   Nottingham, England – 19th June, 2018 – ThatGuy PR and indie developers DB Attic Studios are proud to announce the final launch details for the forthcoming family platform adventure Stinky Snake. The loveable family platform adventure game will release on Steam … Continue reading Stinky Snake just 1 week away

Stinky Snake : Trailer & Release date

Nottingham, England. June 5th 2018 — Indie developers DB Attic Studios, the inspirational Mother & Children team from New Hampshire, U.S, have today revealed the release date and announcement trailer for their forthcoming platform adventure game Stinky Snake. The indie title about a Snake’s voyage to rescue his friends is shaping up to be a perfect game for families to enjoy together and teach younger … Continue reading Stinky Snake : Trailer & Release date

ZombiED Unleashes 1.44.3x update

The indie mobile smash-hit ZombiED has now been updated to version 1.44.3x ZombiED has been a fantastic success since release in May and with an iOS PlayStore rating of a full FIVE stars and Android GooglePlay averaging 4.7/5, We’ve seen over 12,000 players join the horde. Just as developers, zinWorks Studios promised, work started on squishing any pesky bugs as soon as the game was … Continue reading ZombiED Unleashes 1.44.3x update

Stinky Snake : Announcement – Press Release

Adorable family platform game, heading to Steam. Nottingham, England. May 21st 2018 – Developed in-house by family-developers DB Attic Studios from Bedford New Hampshire (US).  Stinky Snake is the forthcoming adventure game based on the comic-series created by team-member and artistic creator Anabel Barker. Stinky Snake, is a 2D-platformer due to be released Summer 2018 on Steam (PC).  After being shipwrecked, Snake, a Pyrenees dog named Angel and a … Continue reading Stinky Snake : Announcement – Press Release